The Dukes County Jail and House of Correction maintains an inmate visiting plan which is designed to facilitate visits between inmates and their family and friends, and accommodate visits between inmates and their attorneys, to ensure the safety and security of all parties and to maximize hours during which visits are permitted.

Visitors MUST register with a visits officer at least 24 hours prior to the allotted visit time. To register as a visitor download the “Visit Request Form” on this page and return the the Jail’s Control Room (located at the Pine Street entrance). For more information contact the Jail and House of Corrections at 508-627-5173.

Please note: visitor policies include those who wish to attend AA and AlAnon Meetings held within the Jail and House of Corrections. Attendants must submit registration at least 1 week prior to first meeting, and are subject to the rules and regulations as defined by the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office.

Disclaimer: Being an approved DCSO visitor and present in accordance with the rules and regulations of Dukes County Sheriff’s Office and the Dukes CountyJail and House of Corrections policies is not a guarantee a visit will occur. The DCSO has the right to deny any and all visits, at any time, without notice, without cause and without recourse.

DCSO policies are subject to change without notice.


Physical Address: 149 Main Street, Edgartown MA 02539